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The Connected Car, Together With Electrical And Autonomously-Driven Vehicles, Means That Technology Will Become Even More Important Over The Coming Decade. To Deliver The Best Driver Experience Of The Future, Auto Makers And Their Suppliers Not Only Need Standard Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), But Also New Generation PCBs Like Every-Layer Interconnect (ELIC), Rigid-Flex, And Other Innovations To Make Connected Cars A Reality.

※ Car Stereo/Driving controls

※ Vehicle motion and position sensor/Engine Control Modules(ECM)

※ Automotive LEDs,Automotive lighting 

※ Automotive signal acquisition control

※ Transmission control module(TCM)

※ Motormeter/Automotive engine

※ Automotive TIG-DCDC converter

※ Automotive entertainment system/comfort system

※ Automotive display/touch screen

※ Automotive door latch/locking system/Vehicle Occupant Detection -Sensor

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