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With 5G technology's development, use intelligent terminal to share 3D movie, games and UHD program, smart union is coming, in the meantime, it has more strict requirement on PCB's manufacturing technique and technical difficulty, for meet the product requirement, need to use Multilayer PCBs, HDI PCBs, High frequency PCBs, High thermal conductivity copper-base PCBs, Willpower engineering team providing innovative engineering ability and advanced process capability. 

※ 5G optical module
※ Optical Module
※ Media Converter
※ Communication Network Base Station
※ OTN transmission equipment
※ Microwave transmission equipment
※ Router
※ Interchanger
※ Storage device
※ Cloud computing
※ Central Satellite / In Digital Satellite TV Distribution System
※ Internet Distribution Systems
※ Multiswitch Systems
※ Satellite Band Amplifiers 
※ Headend Systems 
※ Mini Camera Modulators 
※ CATV Systems

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