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Single Sided LED Aluminum Base PCB

As demand for environmental protection and energy savings rises in countries all across the globe, LED lamps featuring long life, energy savings, and are environmentally-friendly has become mainstream in MC PCB industry. However, as LED lighting development moves towards higher power, cooling them more effectively has become a crucial and urgent dilemma.

Willpower Circuit ONE STOP resource and solution provider for the LED lighting market.

Single Sided LED Aluminum Base PCB
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Items Technical Ability
Sheet size 1250*600mm 
Maximum layers 8L 
Minimum metal base thickness 0.3mm 
Maximum metal base thickness 5.0mm 
Minimum thermal conductive layer thickness 0.038mm 
Thinnest core plate thickness 0.075mm
Thermal conductivity   1-8W/m.K 
Breakdown voltage   6KVAC 
Minimum inner layer trace width / spacing 0.075/0.075mm
Minimum outer layer trace width / spacing 0.075/0.075mm
Maximum copper thickness 10 OZ 
Minimum aluminum based drilling hole diameter 0.55mm
Minimum copper based drilling hole diameter  0.65mm 
Contour tolerance   ±0.1mm
Special processes COB, carved cup, copper inlay, pedestal, resin slot ,The thermal separation, SinkPAD


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