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SinkPAD is a thermal management Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology that makes it possible to conduct heat out of a LED and into the atmosphere faster and more efficiently than a conventional MCPCB. SinkPAD provides superior thermal performance for medium to high power LEDs. This is the most economical & scalable "Direct Thermal Path" MCPCB solution available for the LED application.

SinkPAD technology has magnitudes higher thermal efficiency than even the very best MCPCB in the market. SinkPAD MCPCB is available with Aluminum base metal or Copper base metal. Aluminum based SinkPAD PCB can transfer heat at the rate of 210.0 W/m.K and Copper based SinkPAD PCB can transfer heat at a rate of 385.0 W/m.

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Items Technical Ability
Sheet size 1250*600mm 
Maximum layers 8L 
Minimum metal base thickness 0.3mm 
Maximum metal base thickness 5.0mm 
Minimum thermal conductive layer thickness 0.038mm 
Thinnest core plate thickness 0.075mm
Thermal conductivity   1-8W/m.K 
Breakdown voltage   6KVAC 
Minimum inner layer trace width / spacing 0.075/0.075mm
Minimum outer layer trace width / spacing 0.075/0.075mm
Maximum copper thickness 10 OZ 
Minimum aluminum based drilling hole diameter 0.55mm
Minimum copper based drilling hole diameter  0.65mm 
Contour tolerance   ±0.1mm
Special processes COB, carved cup, copper inlay, pedestal, resin slot ,The thermal separation, SinkPAD




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