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Single Sided LED Copper Base PCB

For most businesses, the most cost-effective solution will be metal core printed circuit boards with an aluminum base. You get good rigidity and thermal conductivity at a more reasonable price. For this reason, you can usually  aluminum core or copper base.
The reason metal core PCBs are so much more effective at dissipating heat than FR4 boards is due to their thermal conductivity dielectric material, which serves as a thermal bridge from the IC components to the metal plate, automatically conducting heat through the core to a heat sink. If you have FR4 boards, you must add a topical heat sink to transfer heat through the board or it will create potentially damaging hotspots.

In addition to preventing hot spots, a metal core PCB’s thermal conductivity properties also result in less thermal expansion and, as a result, greater dimensional stability. Thermal expansion can cause different layers of the board to take on different shapes or sizes, affecting the integrity and functionality of the board. Protection from thermal expansion is desirable.

Single  Sided LED Copper Base PCB
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Items Technical Ability
Sheet size 1250*600mm 
Maximum layers 8L 
Minimum metal base thickness 0.3mm 
Maximum metal base thickness 5.0mm 
Minimum thermal conductive layer thickness 0.038mm 
Thinnest core plate thickness 0.075mm
Thermal conductivity   1-8W/m.K 
Breakdown voltage   6KVAC 
Minimum inner layer trace width / spacing 0.075/0.075mm
Minimum outer layer trace width / spacing 0.075/0.075mm
Maximum copper thickness 10 OZ 
Minimum aluminum based drilling hole diameter 0.55mm
Minimum copper based drilling hole diameter  0.65mm 
Contour tolerance   ±0.1mm
Special processes COB, carved cup, copper inlay, pedestal, resin slot ,The thermal separation, SinkPAD


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