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Single Sided COB LED

COB (Chip On Board) is not a new packaging technology in semiconductor industry. COB MCPCB applications according to process and material can be categorized into two types: mirro aluminum and silver or gold platting. By using wire bonding & epoxy packaging then directly embedded on MCPCB, this practice can extend the lifespan of LED and unified light emission.

Single  Sided COB LED
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Items Technical Ability
Sheet size 1250*600mm 
Maximum layers 8L 
Minimum metal base thickness 0.3mm 
Maximum metal base thickness 5.0mm 
Minimum thermal conductive layer thickness 0.038mm 
Thinnest core plate thickness 0.075mm
Thermal conductivity   1-8W/m.K 
Breakdown voltage   6KVAC 
Minimum inner layer trace width / spacing 0.075/0.075mm
Minimum outer layer trace width / spacing 0.075/0.075mm
Maximum copper thickness 10 OZ 
Minimum aluminum based drilling hole diameter 0.55mm
Minimum copper based drilling hole diameter  0.65mm 
Contour tolerance   ±0.1mm
Special processes COB, carved cup, copper inlay, pedestal, resin slot ,The thermal separation, SinkPAD


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